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About our Pigeons

The cornerstone of RacingPigeonUSA is our foundation families of Muelemans, Hekkenklaks, and Ludo Claessens. 
Meulemans - These include our "Super 536" "Super 2115" "Karel M" "Checker Dax" lines.
                       Breeding winners for 16 yrs and four generations!!
Hekkenklaks - Our breeders are direct children of "Hekken-Bro" "HekkenZachte" "Mrs. Hekkenklak" and several     direct children of Hekkenklak.
Ludo Claussens - We had "Robin" -- a direct Ludo import son of "Robin Hood" -- in our loft and are still breeding
from two direct children: "Red Robin" & Miss Robin." Also breeding from birds down from "LateRode" "Katoog"
"De Juf" "Voss 77" "Late Donker" "Geschelpt 51" “Silver Boy” "Golden Witten" and "Super Crack 69."

    We hold on to the best families and just keep breeding winner after winner! 

    RacingPigeonUSA just recently acquired a direct inbred son of "Silver Boy" named "Silver Dream" and we will be breeding off several of his children when mated to "Miss Robin." We are always looking to add the best we can find to these families as they become available.

    We have been winning with the Meulemans since 1996, Hekkenklaks since 2001, and Ludo’s since 2001.

    Breeding most of our pigeons within a family line has given our customers the best cross to bring into their family of birds. We are committed to sending out the highest quality pigeons we can breed. 

    - Integrity Honesty Quality -

    I take great pride in my family of pigeons and the work I have done to develop and improve them. 
    It is very gratifying that much of my business is from repeat customers. 
    Check out my testimonial page to read some of the feedback I get on my pigeons.

    Many claim to have the best this and the best that but how many really deliver the goods?
    If I don't like a pigeon, it never leaves the property!

    Please call me at (715) 410-0185 if you have any questions. 

    Sincerely  Michael Sordahl

    14 year AU member
    Founding member of Heartland Racing Pigeon Federation
    Past Race Secretary -Twin City Racing Pigeon Club
    Past President - Heartland Racing Pigeon Federation
    Past President - West Central Pigeon Club
    Past Bulletin Editor for Minnesota State Pigeon Club
    Current member of Heartland Federation - Metro Combine - RCR Pigeon Club