“Two birds I purchased from you really have become my foundation pair. They have bred numerous winners since I started flying in 2005. I have been amazed at the toughness of this family that even when no other birds have come home these Muelemans have always kept coming. My son is especially fond of this family as our club has a Memorial Money Race each year and this family has produced two 1st place and one 2nd place in the last 3 years for this race.”  Jim S. - Iowa
Bred from a son of “The Only One”

A daughter of “The Only One” and an inbred Karel M hen mated to
“Mr.Bond” bred “Fed 591” a 1st Federation 200m vs 700b/50 lofts. 06 OB

A son of “Super 506” - “Brute Force” bred 1104 RPUSA07 who score
2nd vs  495 birds at 200 miles & 4 th at 300 miles for RacingPigeonUSA


John L sold a 10yr son of "Super 536" for $500 and wrote to me -
"If I was still racing that bird will never leave my loft. You have no idea how many direct kids and grand kids have won races out of that cock. I have bred him with 5 different hens and he still breed winners. I can tell you that I’m not the only one who flying birds out of him, half of the club members are using his kids as cross." & “ Meulemans have been use as secrets cross for many years by many big name lofts. Mike has a established a family of meulemans and I can’t say enough about his Super 536. Au TC 5405 (direct son of Super 536) was my foundation cock for 7-8 years”

Jeff L e mailed
  PigeonUSA family of Meuelemans breeding winners for 16 years and 5 generations !!!

“AU 05 RPUSA 522 is the Sire of 11th place 300 mile Spirit of Colorado Futurity race.
2006” Harold C.

522 RPUSA 05 Son of “Fast Trap” Ludo/Hekkenklak hen 1st vs 1200b at 300m YB

Hi Michael|,
 612 RPUSA 05 and 140 RPUSA 03 had turned out to be my best hens. In 08 612 had three sons race as unraced yearlings, all three earned diplomas. 140 had a son turn in a 23 out of 570 in his first race in his lifetime.
Chad G. - Minnesota

 612 RPUSA - Son of “Amigo 1”  140 Son of 8269 LLC AU 98 who bred first combine with “Super Son”

“Amigo 2” and “The 8 Hen” bred RacingPigeonUSA a 1st Federation vs 494b at 200miles 2007 YB. “The 8 Hen” has two brothers which have scored well for us 17th Place 2003 Midwest Convention Race and another scored 2nd, 3rd, 6th YB 2003.

Son of “Amigo 2” 1113-RPUSA-07 1st Federation at 200m vs 495 b YB 2007

Daughter of “Super Son” bred 2 x 1st Asian Pigeon Club YB 2007 Pheng V. MN

Amigo 1

I have  768 RPUSA 06 PENSPL ....this cock bird bred 2008 DMC 145 BBC he won CHAMPION BIRD in OK flying against Mardis, Goodpasture. Roberson...etc. his siblings won in futurities for us - only raised 3...2009 I have 2 out both in San Diego bred the rest 4 for stock with my dtr of GFL 311 who is off BELG -655 dtr of "SCHOONDONKER" Two of her top breeding children are off her and 2006 RPUSA 890 PEN SPLASH ONE Bred our vegas winner in 08.  Jeff L
890 RPUSA 06 is a Daughter of “Super 2707” full sister to “Super 536” & 768 RPUSA 06 - 1/2 brother to “Mr.Bond’ 1st 300 mile Bond race winner and Sire to “Fed 591” 1st Federation 200m vs 700b

 7 RPUSA 03 has bred Top 10 in World Trade Center race & 3 x 1st place winners with three different hens for The 3 Amigo’s Loft. Out of our Ludo Claussens family of pigeons.
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“Just wanted to let you know a Recessive Red bred from two of the Reds you sent me won 4th place 300mile in our New Jersey Combine this weekend. “ Al L. New Jersey