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Dijkstra/Meuleman Hen



20171 RPUSA 20 RR Dijkstra/Meuleman Hen    Click Pic For Full Size Photo
Medium size nice in the hand with tight vent & 1 pin tail. Sire grand som of “Leonardo” and dam 100% Dijkstra down from “Big Boom”

SIRE:19031 RPUSA AU19 Grandson of Arie Dijkstra world famous "Leonardo"
Sire: 1107218 - NL11 “Primo” Dijkstra Original - Son to world class breeder ‘Leonardo’. In 2014 his offspring win 3 cars,1. Int. Sens 16.572 p. & 1. Prov. Sittard 16.739 p. He is father to icons like ‘Okidoki’, ‘Boogie’, ‘Spikkeltjes’, ‘Nesta’, ‘De 726’, ‘Ramses’, ‘Pico Bello’, ‘Mona Lisa’, ‘Okidoko’, ‘Ceasar’ and many more.
 Primo’s mother ‘Iris’ is grandmother to 1. National Acebird marathon ZLU WHZB 2009. She is a sister to superbreeder ‘De Lichte Morlincourt’ = father ‘Tinkelbel’ & grandfather ‘Purdey’.
Dam: 51343 ARPU AU13 Raced out to 425 miles

DAM: 1136559 - NL14 “Choco Fire” 100% Arie Dijkstra down from "De Big Boom" & "Fire"
Sire: 1107063 - NL11 “Son of Gandalf” Son of "Gandalf" excellent flyer !sr REG Ace 2006 and half brother to "De Big Boom"
Dam: 1592107 - NL09 “Sister to Choco 44” Half sister to Choco 44 - dam to 10th NPO vs 8538, 20th NPO vs 6511, 25th NPO vs 13404, 25th vs 6180, 4th vs 2062

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